My town of Akigawa held its summer "matsuri," or festival, recently. It started at noon and ended promptly at 9 p.m. In between were scores of dance and musical performances, capped off with a two-hour parade of mobile shrines and music floats featuring mythical creatures. I have to guess what a lot of it means, but I did get the sense that the whistles being tooted during the closing parade were mimicking the cicadas that start squealing from the trees this time of year. There's almost 10 minutes of video, so settle in with a drink and some snacks.
Life is so much better with a front seat.


08/16/2012 2:19pm

All ages came out for this parade. Was fun to witness the interaction between the floats and the citizens -- quite similar to Cannon Falls.

10/06/2015 1:15am

I have to guess what a lot of it means but i will say that music in vacations are priority of everyone. This is great activity to have.

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01/16/2017 5:40pm

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