While in the Philippines, I interviewed an old U.S. vet who's lived in the country for years. Married his second Filipina wife after he outlived his first. He said he's always been amazed about America's attitude toward the Philippines, which was still an American colony as World War II broke out. "We fought the Germans and Japanese," he said. "We had the Marshall Plan in Germany and rebuilt the country into one of the strongest economies in the world. We had a similar plan for Japan. And what did we leave the Philippines, which fought beside us and suffered greatly for it? They got our jeeps."

Well, the Philippines have made the most of what they got. They retrofitted those early jeeps into splashy, lengthened buses, which became known as jeepneys. Sixty-five years later the progeny of the original jeepneys still roam the Philippine roads by the thousands. A ride only costs a few cents, and, much to the consternation of other drivers, jeepneys will stop wherever, whenever you want. Traffic be damned. 

Here's a little taste of jeepneys 2012.


08/31/2012 1:41pm

How is the fishing over there ?

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03/14/2017 8:44pm

I have never seen such vehicles, very unique in its appearance. The Philippines travel in these jeeps and certainly these are locally made. Good art work is drawn on them.Enjoyed reading the post and photographs, thanks for sharing.

06/13/2017 3:16pm

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07/21/2017 4:50am

It was nice for me to read this story. These cars look so unusual! I love that.

07/21/2017 3:47pm

Such a beast vehicle it is.


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