Below was one of my first sightings after getting to Manila. I was riding in a car behind, and we were going about 30-mph. The dog kept teetering right and left, but he kept his balance. Lucky for him he has a helmet in case he did fall. A matching helmet with the driver. I got a few seconds of very wobbly video. Probably looks the way the dog felt! (The dog has something shaved into its fur on the side. Looks like a radio-tower beacon.)
"This town rips the bones from your back; it's a death trap; it's a suicide rap...


09/13/2012 6:49am

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11/22/2016 11:59am

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Manila dog madness would be available most in the manila, and the reason behind that is the love of the people with their dogs because they love their dogs more than anything else.

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01/13/2017 6:50pm

Seriously? You think the helmet for a dog riding a bike will help him in case he fell down? Seriously? And that is what you are doing in the evening? Watching some stupid person giving a ride to his dog? Just go for, save yourself from boredom and dumbness of this life.


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