As my time at USTC in Hefei winds down, a group of us went to a new coffee restaurant last night. It's the third coffee restaurant opened by this married couple. He's an artist and also runs a highly successful factory that makes Tiffany-style lamps. The restaurant is chock full of Tiffany-type lamps. Its name is Handr Coffee, and as one of the students patiently explained to me, "Handr doesn't mean anything. It's just a name. Like the name of any place." The second floor's centerpiece is a piano, and Mr. Li, who heads the summer school program, couldn't wait to put his fingers on those 88s. He's a fantastic pianist. Oh, and the coffee was quite good -- and it better be for the equivalent of $6 for a small cup.
Mr. Li tickles the ivories. Requests welcome!
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